Banana tea Smoothie Recipe

Banana Tea Smoothie Recipe

Banana Tea smoothie is a cool velvety drink with the twist of Tea. The Indian spices strike a riveting balance with the subdued fruity undertone of the banana. The robustness of the ... Continue Reading →
Cardamom Tea Recipe

Cardamom Tea Recipe

Green cardamom tea or ‘elaichi ’ as more popularly known in India a further adaptation of spiced milk tea. A steaming cup of elaichi tea is found on the tea table of nearly every ... Continue Reading →
Butter tea Recipe

Butter tea Recipe

Butter tea, also known as ‘po cha’ or ‘cha suma’ in Tibet, ‘su yo cha’ in Mandarin Chinese and ‘goor goor’ in Ladakh, is an indispensable part of the Tibetans lifestyle. ... Continue Reading →
Apple Lipton Tea

Apple Lipton Tea Recipe

Apple Lipton tea possesses a lively spiced drink with apple flair. This Lipton is relatively new in the block; a modified version of the Turkish apple tea concocted with milk in order ... Continue Reading →
Allspice Tea lipton

Allspice Tea Recipe

There are times when your heart craves for something and yet you are unable to get hold of it for some reason or the other. You will find yourself in a similar fix when you long for ... Continue Reading →